Commercial Projects

Purchase Full Furniture Packages

MRP is able to source entire spaces full of furniture, artwork and accessories and purchase on the client’s behalf. The benefits of having interior stylists create bespoke furniture packages based on your build or vision, means you have full creative control of the product that will be on display and no ongoing hire fees. This is the perfect solution for Sales Display Offices and Sales Display Apartments/Homes. The furniture can then be sold at the end of the period, moved onto your next project or integrated into the common areas of the project itself.

Ad Hoc Styling Requests

Whether you are pitching to a prospective new client and need a cozy “Lounge Room” setting created, or have a film crew coming in to make a TV series episode, we are able to style any space for its required purpose. We have access to the most beautiful and up to date furniture, accessories, original artworks and greenery; and are able to successfully create your vision or embellish any space at short notice. We look forward to thinking outside the box for these special requests.


For a faster sale, a higher price, a stress free process